Introduction: Delicious No-Bake Mud Pie

By: Sydney Shanholtzer, Davis King, and Kaipo Barnes

The purpose of this instruction set is to teach dessert lovers how to make an easy, no baking involved, delectable treat. Mud pie is a delectable treat that many will enjoy but few know how to make. The instructions are for anyone 10+ with a basic knowledge of mixing and handling common kitchen appliances. Unlike typical chocolate chip cookies, this is a unique dessert that not many people bring to gatherings. In order for people to get the desired taste and texture, they must follow the instructions step by step for full satisfaction. If any ingredients are not added or unspecified ingredients are entered, this could result in sickness, poor taste, or severe allergic reaction. A usability tester recently made mud pie following our instruction and all graphics used in this instruction step are from their mud pie.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Time to completion: 4 hours

Tools needed:

  • Roasting or Lasagna Pan (Used was a glass pan 15 x 10 inches)
  • Microwave (Wattage does not matter)
  • Freezer (0 °F or colder)
  • Large mixing bowl (3+ quarts)
  • Silicone Spoonula
  • Non-stick cooking spray
  • Chopper (to crush Oreos)

Ingredients needed:

  • 2 (14.3 oz.) packs of Oreo cookies or alternative brand
  • 1 block of full fat cream cheese (8 oz.)
  • 1 jar of chocolate fudge sauce (11 oz. or more depending on preference)
  • 1 container of whipped topping (12 oz. or more depending on preference)
  • 1 container of coffee ice cream (1.5 quart)

-You can substitute any type of ice cream you desire!

Safety information:

1) Use caution when using your chopper. Injury could result in cutting of the skin or possibly severed limbs. Always plug in appliance AFTER your ingredients are in and the lid is secured.

2) Warning: The ingredients before mentioned may include certain foods that cause allergies to consumer. Always check the back of the container/bag and double check the list of ingredients to prevent allergic reaction.

3) Warning: Children 13 years or under should have adult supervision when using the chopper to prevent injuries.

Step 2:

Gather tools and ingredients listed above (keep ice cream and whipped topping in freezer)

Step 3:

Chop your Oreos until they are finely crushed. This will be the crust of the dessert, so you do not want big pieces of cookies in your mixture. (The chopper used can chop 10 Oreos max at one time. See your chopper’s instructions for information)

Use caution when operating chopper

Step 4:

Chop all the Oreos and pour the Oreo crumbs into your mixing bowl.

Step 5:

Leave aside 1 cup of Oreo crumbs for the end of the procedure.

Step 6:

Soften cream cheese block (8 oz.) by putting in a microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for 10 seconds so it can easily be mixed in with the Oreo crumbs.

Step 7:

Add cream cheese to mixing bowl with Oreo crumbs.

Step 8:

Spray palm of hands and fingers with non-stick cooking spray. Thoroughly knead the cream cheese and Oreo crumbs with hands until you feel you have mixed ingredients well.

Step 9:

Mold the Oreo and cream cheese mix into bottom of pan to form the crust.

Step 10:

Freeze for 1 hour. No cover needed.

Step 11:

Take pan out of freezer.

Step 12:

Put jar of chocolate fudge into microwave until it is warm enough to spread easily. (See jar’s microwaving instructions)

Step 13:

Spread an even layer (¼ inch-½ inch) of the warm fudge on top of the frozen Oreo crust with the Spoonula. (Amount of fudge is own personal preference. Here we used the entire 11 oz. jar)

Step 14:

Freeze for 30 minutes. No cover needed.

Step 15:

Spread an even layer of softened ice cream on top of the fudge layer with Spoonula. Softening is optional, but will make the ice cream easier to spread. (Amount of ice cream is own personal preference. Here we used a full 1.5 quart tub of coffee ice cream)

Step 16:

Freeze for 1 hour. No cover needed.

Step 17:

Take dessert out of freezer. Spread the whipped topping on top of the frozen ice cream layer with spoonula. Softening is optional, but will make the whipped topping easier to spread. (Amount of whipped topping is own personal preference. Here we used about 13 oz.)

Step 18:

Sprinkle the cup of Oreo crumbs (that was earlier set aside) on top of the whipped topping for added decoration and texture.

Step 19:

Freeze for one hour and ENJOY!!!

Step 20: Conclusion

Enjoy your new tasty treat! Mud pie is a frozen dessert, do not let it sit out for too long without putting it back into the freezer. Now you have a new recipe to use in the future and share with your family and friends. This easy recipe is good for any kind of situation; gatherings, birthday parties, or even just sitting at home. Anyone who loves sweets will absolutely love this one-of-a-kind dessert!

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