Introduction: Delicious Steak Tartare

Use steak cuts for beaf tartare like sirloin steak or flank steak (which I prefer) and remove all fat from it (raw fat is not very tasty).

Do you know how to make delicious steak tartare, it all started in French where they called it "à l'Americaine" and since than it shifted to many different variations. Steak tartar is very popular meal in my country Czech Republic where we call it "Tatarák". I love combination of wasabi paste with soy sauce and I've discovered this combination with raw meat by accident. But when I did I absolutely felt in love with it. Base is classic beef tartare without any seasoning and I added that asian food flavors in.

Step 1: Check Video :-)


  • Raw beef steak quality
  • Soy Sauce
  • Wasabi Paste


  1. Remove all fat from lean beef
  2. Cut into thin slices
  3. Rotate and cut again to small pieces
  4. Spread out and cut again few more times
  5. Again and again until meat is cut very finely
  6. Add wasabi paste and soy sauce
  7. Mix well and enjoy :-)

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