Introduction: Tasty and Simple Hoisin Pork


There is nothing better than a simple tasty meal at the end of a long day of hard work. I love the taste of Hoisin and simple vegetables. Hoisin pork works really well for a first date as the food tastes incredible, is easy to eat, quick to make and hopeful will have no embarrassing moments as you tuck in. The after taste is pleasant and will not leave you with bad breath.


Hoisun sauce (I like Lee Kum Kee)

Pork chops

Slow cooker

Sauce pan

Serves 2+.

Step 1:

Place pork in slow cooker, this recipe works great with cheap cuts.

Step 2:

Add Hoisin sauce. One and half spoonfuls per two chops.

Optional - One glug of cooking sherry

Step 3:

Cover with water.

Step 4:

Cover and turn on the slow cooker.

Step 5:

Leave for at least 5 hours but 9+ hours is better. I put it on before I go to work and do the next steps when I get home.

Step 6:

Pour everything into a saucepan, it's not going to look it's best at this point, don't be disheartened.

Step 7:

Boil off the water, this sticks the Hoisin to the pork. Don't let it boil dry.

Step 8:

Serve with rice OR mashed potatoes as an alternative.

Leftovers can be kept in the fridge for a day and gently microwaved for before being served.

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