Introduction: Deluxe Paninis


Prep Time: 10-15 minutes Cooking: 5-7 minutes Clean Up: 10 minutes Total Time: 25-32 minutes

Ingredients: 4 Slices of Bread Garlic Butter (can be margarine or plain butter also) Boursin Spreadable Cheese Cheese (Mozzarella works well, same as provolone. Feel free to experiment) Basil Pesto (Homemade or store bought) Bacon (Sliced or crumble, both work) Shredded Chicken (Optional, still tastes great without)


Cutting board

Butter Knives

Small bowl

Panini press



Turn on panini press and set to high Set bread on cutting board and lightly butter one side, then flip bread over.

Take your boursin spread, and if it is too hard to spread on the bread, put some into a separate bowl and microwave for 8 seconds. Spread basil pesto on top of the Boursin spread. * if using bacon strips, place bacon in panini press and close it. This will cook the bacon quickly and grease up the press as well. Lightly place shredded chicken evenly across the pesto surface Take the cheese you have chosen and place a healthy portion on top of the chicken Take bacon out of panini press once it is finished and cut to fit the sandwich Put second piece of bread on the top and place in the panini press After about 3 minutes, check panini; if it is getting golden brown, flip over panini to evenly cook. Slightly lower temperature. After 2 minutes, open press and make sure the cheese has melted and sandwich is evenly cooked. Depending on how you like your paninis cooked, it may need more time. When cooked to your liking, take paninis out of press, and place on your plate, Enjoy!