Introduction: Deluxe Wolverine Claws

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Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to be The Wolverine? Well now you can! This instructible will show you how to make claws just like everyone's favorite mutant!

Step 1: The Main Holders

For this to work, we'll need to make the claws attach to our hands. To do this, we'll need three paperclips per hand. To make these parts, take a clip and unfold the long part so that it is a 90 degree angle, as in picture one. Undo it the rest of the way until it looks like the next picture. It should fit your hand like so. Then, bend the clip so it looks like the fourth picture. Repeat for the other two.

Step 2: The Claws

Start by cutting out a strip of cardboard that's about 12"x1", depending on your hands size. Then, cut out a piece about 1 inch in, and 1/4 inches down. Cut diagonally at the end, as in picture four. Afterwards, simply cover the claw in tape, all but the back bottom end. Repeat two more times for three claws.

Step 3: Put It Together

To put it together, simply take a hot glue gun and put a bead glue on the end and put the paperclip in the end, as shown, then add a bit of glue around it, as shown. Place in your hand like in the pictures.

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