Introduction: Deodorant Powder

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Make your own deodorant! But why?

As a typical guy, shopping for deodorant and stuff is not my biggest hobby. Most of us know that a lot of deodorants have chemicals in them that might not be great for your body. (the debate is still going on that) An other problem is that some deodorants stain my shirts, others don't smell nice or they don't work good enough. Some are just very expensive.

So as most men do, I ended up with one particular deodorant that I exclusively use. And now, the horror, my local shop doesn't have my deodorant anymore.

Searching for a good alternative, I stumbled on a whole world of DIY deodorant makers on the internet. Most of these use baking soda as active ingredient and add essential oils for the smell and to add wonders.

Most recipes use coconut oil to make it into a paste. The problem with that is that this gives your DIY deodorant a shelve life of approximately one week. I don't see my self making new deodorant every week so I had to solve that.

Then I found "Ohm" deo powder. That would be the deodorant that would work for me, with this easy recipe as a result.

Step 1: You Will Need


  • 50 grams baking soda
  • 10 grams talcum powder
  • 20 drops essential oils


  • scale
  • cup
  • spoon
  • strainer


  • container
  • label

Step 2: The Scented Talcum Powder

  • First measure 10 grams of talcum powder
  • Add 20 drops of essential oil

Different oils have different smells and different healing properties (according to the internet)

I used 14 drops of bergamot oil and 6 drops of tea tree oil (I used these because all the other oils that they had at my local pharmacy smelled to "girly" for my taste)

I really like the result of the smell of these two oils, but I will experiment with other smells aswel.

  • Use a spoon to mix the oil with the talcum very thoroughly until all lumps are gone.

When at this moment the police knocks at your door, you might have something to explain. I'm sure you will be free again as soon as the results are back from the lab.

Step 3: Add the Baking Soda

  • Measure 50 grams of baking soda
  • Add the scented talcum powder
  • Mix the powder
  • Put through a strainer if you still have lumps (or just to be sure)

The baking soda is (next to the oils) the active ingredient in your deodorant. This deodorant won't keep you dry, the talcum might keep you a little bit dry, but the best effect is on the smell. The baking powder will neutralize the acids in your sweat and kill the bacteria that will cause the bad smell.

This deodorant will keep my armpits fresh the whole day.

Step 4: Put in a Container

To be able to keep your deo-powder for a long period, you will need to put it on a dark, dry place.

My bathroom is anything but dry, so I found myself a watertight container. To also make it easy to dispence the powder, I bought the smallest juice bottle with a pop-up cap. This works great.

To finish it all, I also added some diy labels.

  • To use it, I puff a bit of deo-powder under my armpits in the morning after my shower.

I use this deodorant for two weeks now and until now it is the best deodorant I've ever had.

Perhaps some people might sensitive to the baking soda or some oils, so please try this carefully.