Introduction: Edible Erupting Volcano Scene and Dinosaur Cake

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Volcano: Cup off the top of a water bottle and then form the volcano around it with brown fondant.

Dinosaurs: Dinos can be molded out of fondant

Sand: Cover your base with crushed graham cracker crumbs

Cake: The design on the top of the cake is drawn in colored, melted chocolate (see instructables tutorial here)

Water: Spread white frosting on your cake board to create waves and then cover with blue piping gel.  Pipe grass and ass candy rocks along the boundary of the lake.

Step 1: Prep the Volcano

Mix together water and red (ex. strawberry) jello mix and fill the water bottle 3/4 full. Add a piece of dry ice and watch it erupt. 

Step 2: Eruption

At first the volcano will "smoke" and then the jello mixture will start to bubble up and ooze reg goo.  Click here to view a video of the volcano in action.
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