Introduction: Design a Waterproof Keep

This project makes use of the waterproof case of the Bio Swiss first aid kit. By removing the material and taking off the outside sticker, you have a Keep that allows you to keep your ID and credit/debit cards with you without the need for a purse or wallet. This may be of special interest for those who may work in a place that does not have lockers for their employees.

Step 1: Purchase Your Bio Swiss 13 Piece First Aid Kit and Remove the Materials

You can find these online and some may be found at stores like Five Below. Once you have purchased one, remove the first aid materials.

Step 2: Take Off the Label

Carefully remove the outside label. If you remove the label too quickly, you will find it necessary to scratch of the remaining paper with your fingernails.

Step 3: Fill Your Keep With Items and Close With the Side Lock

Fill your new Keep with cards, your ID, etc. Once the Keep is filled, close the side lock and wear it around your neck.

Tip: Place cards on the front and back of your card stack that will cover any credit/debit cards or information shown on your ID card. These can be library cards, business cards, transit passes, etc.

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