Introduction: Design and 3D Print a Cookie Cutter

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These step-by-step instructions will guide you through the basics of creating a cookie cutter using Tinkercad and preparing it for 3D printing.

Tinkercad is a free web based CAD program:

Step 1: Cookie Cutter Base

1. Drag and drop a shape onto the workplane. This will be a heart cookie cutter. Any shape can be a cookie cutter

2. Scale shape to about 50mm(length) x 50mm(width) x 4mm(height)

Step 2: Expanding Base

1. Copy and paste shape by selecting it and clicking ctr + c to copy and ctr+v to paste

2. Scale the copy of shape to about 45mm x 45mm x 4mm or slightly smaller than starting shape.

3. Raise the shape 4mm off of the workplane

4. Drag the raised shape on top of the other shape

5. To ensure perfect alignmint use the align tool, located under the adjust menu option in the top right corner. Before aligning ensure all shapes are selected, by left clicking and dragging over the shapes or with the shortcut ctrl+a. Because it is a centering alignment, select the two center dots that are grayed out in the image above. Where the two dots meet is the center of the shape.

Step 3: Creating Hole

1. Copy and paste the first shape put on the workplane, the shape on the bottom shape.

3. While selected click hole in the top right corner to turn the shape into a hole

4. Scale the hole slightly smaller to about 43mm x 43mm x 12mm

5. Place the hole in the middle of the two shapes

6. To ensure perfect alignment, use the align tool located under the adjust menu

7. Lastly, select all shapes then click group in the top right corner to turn the various shapes into one shape

You now have a cookie cutter, get creative and make any shape cookie cutter.

The next step will guide through a bonus for the cookie cutter design.

Step 4: Extra Design Component That Leaves Indentation on Cookie

1. Drag and drop a box onto your workplane

2. Scale the box to about 46mm x 8mm x 2mm or to fit the length of cookie cutter shape.

3. Place the rectangular bar in the middle of cookie cutter

4. Scale any shape or letter to fit on top of the bar

5. Group shapes

Step 5: 3D Printing

1. Once design is complete select “Design” from the upper left corner

2. Click on menu option “Download for 3D Printing”

3. Select “.STL” button

4. The file will now appear in the downloads folder and can be opened in any 3D printing software, such as Print Studio