Introduction: Design and 3D Print a Signal Lamp With Fusion

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Design a custom signal lamp using these easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

We will guide you through designing a signal lamp shade in Fusion 360 and preparing it for 3D printing. Fusion is available for download at

The Signal Lamp has two pieces: a signal lamp cone(file provided) and a signal lamp disc that you will design. For your convenience the signal lamp cone file is attached as an .STL.It can be downloaded and 3D Printed.

Step 1: Disc Base

1. Open Fusion 360

2. Sketch --> Circle --> Center Diameter Circle / C

3. Select "front plane“

4. Create a circle with a diameter of 43mm

5. Repeat but with a diameter of 40mm

6. Press "Enter"

From here you can begin to customize your disc!

Step 2: Customizing Design

You can insert custom images or images from the internet to trace signal lamp disc design

1. Insert --> Attached Canvas

2. At Face select the same face as above

3. At Select Image choose your image

4. Set Canvas Opacity to 70%

5. Select Display Trough

6. Adopt the size of your image to the size of the circles

7. Draw the outline of image silhouette

8. Sketch B --> Spline (freeform-line) or use any other Sketch-feature

9. Press the home icon in the top right corner of the screen

Step 3: Creating Solid and Saving for 3D Printing

1. Create --> Extrude or right click Press Pull

2. Select the figure and the rim of the circle

3. 2mm Distance

4. OK

You now have a signal lamp disc. It can be 3D Printed and slid into the 3D printed signal lamp cone to project your own custom signal. Below are the steps to save the file as an .STL for 3D Printing.

1.Richt click in Bowser on Unsaved --> Save as STL

2. OK

3. Name the file