Introduction: Design and Assemble a Wheelchair Lever Arm: Sungear

Instructions on how to build the first part of the wheelchair lever arm in solidworks for this project:

Step 1: Open Up the Sketch Tab and Draw a 50mm Diameter Circle in the Center

Step 2: Sketch a Centerline Vertically From the Top of That Circ

Step 3: Sketch the Shape of a Gear Tooth and Use "Mirror Entities" to Mirror That Image Over to the Other Side

Step 4: Use "Circular Pattern" to Surround the Entire Circle With 50 Gear Teeth, Then Use "Trim Entities" to Trim the Edge of the Circle

Step 5: Extrude the Gear Sketch Upward by 4mm Using "Extrude Base"

Step 6: Sketch a New 30mm Diameter Circle on the Top Face of the Existing Part, and Extend That Circle Up for 19mm Using "Extrude Base"

Step 7: Create Two Centerlines Along the X and Y Axis on the Front Face, and Use Mirror Entities to Sketch a Right Hexagon at the Top of the Gear

Step 8: Extrude Cut That Hexagon for 19mm Into the Bottom of the Gear

Step 9: Sketch a 21mm Circle on the Bottom of the Gear and Use That Line As the Center Point for a 6.5mm Circle Along the Edge of the Gear

Step 10: Use Circular Pattern to Sketch Two More Symmetrical Circles Onto the Base and Then "Extrude Cut" All Three of Them All the Way Through the Bottom of the Base

Step 11: Sketch a 16mm Circle on the Top Center of the Gear and "Extrude Cut" All the Way Through the Gear

Step 12: History Tree