Introduction: Design and Making of Custom Tools Using Fusion360

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Hii Friends ,

This INSTRUCTABLE for Kids level . Using Fusion360 you will make your own custom drawing tools .

Custom Tools help us to work Faster & gives efficient workflow & accuracy in drawings & Measurements.

Design your Custom Tool in Any CAD Software like .Tinkercad , Autocad , Fusion360 ,Adobe illustrator and Export LASER cutting file in require Format.

I make my Custom Tool Using Fusion360 .

So ,Please check out my Projects on INSTRUCTABLE as Fusion360 beginner.

Please have look on Supplies for make this Project .


1 -- 5 mm Acrylic sheet As per your requirement(around 1 x 1 ft.)

2 -- Laser cutting machine(if you not have contact any nearest machine shop for

Step 1: Design Your Custom Tool

I am use Fusion360 for design my custom tool.(Fusion360 is Free for students.)

Please check out video for Fusion360 sketching .

Beginners tutorial for fusion360

Also checkout my previous INSTRUCTABLE AND YOUTUBE CHANNEL for Fusion360 beginner tutorials.

List out What you need in your custom Tool like..Pentagon 20mm , Triangle , Hexagon , or any other material or feature.

I need scale , Hexagon , circle , Right Angle in my tool.

Make your own else i attach my .dxf and .pdf file for your Trials.

After making Drawing in fusion you export in .pdf ot .dxf file for LASER Cutting.

Step 2: LASER Cut Your File

You need to go nearby LASER cutting shop (if you not have laser cutting machine).

Send them .dxf ot .pdf file for LASER cutting.

Have fun with custom tool which help you to increase your drawing ability and show your skills in front of class.

Happy making.

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