Introduction: Designing Headphones 3D Model in SelfCAD

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Headphones convert an electrical signal into a corresponding sound. When you use headphones, your hands of employees are free to focus on other tasks, pushing up productivity by as much as 43 per cent. Headsets also eradicate the need to hold a phone to one ear, which can often lead to back pain and poor posture.

These devices allows the user to talk and listen while keeping their hands free. They are usually used in technical support and customer service centers and allows the employee to talk to a customer while doing other tasks like typing data into a computer.

This instructable shows you how to design a headset using 3D.

Step 1: Start Modeling

  1. First, select the cylinder from 3D Shapes and set the measurements to 20 (top and bottom radius) and 4,79 (height) respectively.
  2. Select the top of a cylinder using Polygon selection.
  3. Select Tools -> Extrusion, set the amount to 0.47 as the GIF shows below and apply extrusion to your shape. Scale the selected upper part to be slightly smaller than the top part.

Step 2: Further Modification of the Model

4. Go Tools -> Extrusion and extrude the upper part inside the model. Use Polygon selection to select the upper part and continue scaling it to be smaller like shown below.

Step 3: STEP 3

3. In the polygon selection tool, select and turn on faces and Loop selection then on the same select the inner middle part and through Extrusion and turn on the individual option and set amount at -2 and finalize. Select the polygon selection tool again and activate individual and reduce amount to about -5 as shown.

Step 4: Using a Move Tool and Copy Offset Tools

4. In the 3D Shapes select a cylinder and adjust the settings to acquire something like this and try to move it using move tool to move it and adjust the settings. Then Copy it to have more copies and plan them in the inner part as shown. Using a move tool use it to move object 225 and its copies downwards but don’t allow it go through the other part as shown.

Step 5: Use of Polygon Selection and Other Tools

5.Rotate the object using rotate tool as shown below. Select polygon selection tool turn on phase and apply. In the tools option choose Extrusion and apply those tools in the following way.

Step 6: Step 6

6. In the 3D Shapes, choose a cube shape and adjust the measurement as follows X as -68, Y as 87 and Z as -72.5. Using a move and scale tool adjust the object as follows and apply. In the Tools options choose copy tool and use it to copy object 265 as shown and use move tool to adjust it in fitting. In the 3D Shape choose the cylinder and scale it to reduce it and increase its height as shown. Using Rotate tool, rotate it and move it to fit it.

Step 7: Step 7

7. Using a copy tool in the Tools options, copy the object as shown. In the 3D Shapes choose a cube and reduce its height to around 5. Move it upwards as shown and in the tools select Resolution and preview and apply. Rotate it as shown and in the Deform option select Bend and select the middle part to bend. Using a scale model scale it as shown to fit by connecting the two objects. In the Deform tool choose Taper and select the Top and apply.

Step 8: Modification Using Deform Tool

8. Use Polygon selection and select the base of the bent sides and move it downwards to fit it well. In the Drawing tool select Free hand sketch and choose Text and text SelfCAD and apply. Move it and using Rotate tool and in the Deform option select Bend and choose middle as shown below. Then copy 2 copies of the text using copy offset tool and adjust it to fit in like the other object using move tool.

Step 9: Choose the Appropriate Material and Color

9. After adjusting it to fitness you can now choose the material in the material option, for instance, I used the default material and apply. Choose the Color, for instance, the white, and in the opacity option, select plastic 3 and apply. The same as for group 1 and 2, and use plastic 3 material as shown and give it blue color in the color option.

Now your headset is ready.

Step 10: