Introduction: Designing a Christmas Tree With Tinkercad

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This instructable will guide you through the steps of creating a basic Christmas Tree using Tinkercad. You can watch the entire video here, or follow along with the other videos as I go through the steps.

You can view this tree on Tinkercad at this link: Christmas Tree


A computer with Internet access and a free Tinkercad account.

Step 1: Creating the General Shape of the Tree

  1. Log onto Tinkercad - if you do not have an account, you will need to create one before continuing.
  2. Select Create New Design
  3. I always rename the design by clicking the design name in the top right and typing a new name.
  4. Place a "Roof" shape on Workplane.
  5. Rotate the "Roof" shape -90 degrees.
  6. Press the "D" key to place the shape on the Workplane
  7. Adjust the "Roof" shape dimensions so it will resemble the bottom part of a tree.
  8. Change the height of the "Roof" shape to 2.00 (2 mm).
  9. Make sure the "Roof" shape is selected.
  10. Press "CTRL+D" to duplicate "Roof" shape.
  11. Use the Arrow keys on the keyboard to move the location of the second "Roof" shape.
  12. Adjust the size of the second "Roof" shape to make it smaller than the first "Roof" shape.
  13. Press "CTRL+D" to duplicate the second "Roof" shape. Note: Most of the time the duplicate will know what changes were made since the last duplication and apply the changes to new shape.
  14. Repeat steps 10, 11 and 12 until you have the tree shape you want.
  15. Select all of the shapes and align to the middle. Select Undo if you click the wrong align.
  16. Make adjustments to the size and position make it look like a tree. Select all the shapes and align to the middle
  17. Make each height of each shape 2.00 (2 mm).
  18. Select all of the shapes and select Group. Or, press "CTRL+G" to Group.

Step 2: Adding Ornaments

  1. Place a "Sphere" shape on Workplane.
  2. Reduce the size of the "Sphere" shape to 2.00 (2 mm) on all sides. This can be done by holding down the "Shift" key and dragging one of the shape's corners until it indicated 2.00.
  3. Move the Workplane to the bottom edge of the tree. Select Workplane on top left of screen and click where to place the Workplane.
  4. Select the "Sphere" shape and press "D" to place the shape on the Workplane.
  5. Use the Arrow keys to move the shape to the edge of the tree's branch.
  6. Press "CTRL+D" to duplicate the "Sphere" shape.
  7. Use the Arrow keys to move the second "Sphere" shape to the opposite tree branch.
  8. Click to select the tree. This will reset the duplicate.
  9. Select both "Sphere" shapes.
  10. Press "CTRL + D" to duplicate both shapes.
  11. Move the Workplane to the next branch up and press the "D" key to move the new "Sphere" shapes to that branch.
  12. Use the Arrow keys to move the "Sphere" shapes to the correct position.
  13. Repeat Steps 9, 10, 11, and 12 until each branch has two "Sphere" shapes (Ornaments).
  14. Move the Workplane back to it's default location by selecting Workplane and clicking anywhere that is not on a shape.

Note: The ornaments are added at this stage, so later they would not have to created individually.

Step 3: Making the Tree Round

  1. Select all the shapes on the Workplane by either dragging the mouse over all the shapes or pressing "CTRL+A" on the keyboard.
  2. Group all the shapes "CTRL+G".
  3. Change the color to Multicolor.
  4. Rotate all the shapes 90 degrees.
  5. Press "D" to place the bottom of the tree on the Workplane.
  6. Select all of the shapes.
  7. Press "CTRL+D" to duplicate all the shapes.
  8. Rotate all the duplicate shapes 22.5 degrees. Note: You do not have to select the shapes, the shapes should already be selected.
  9. Press "CTRL+D" six (6) more times to make the tree round.

Step 4: Adding a Tree Skirt

  1. Select all the shapes for the tree. "CTRL + A" will allow you to select All.
  2. Group all shapes. "CTRL+G" will group all shapes selected.
  3. If the tree and ornaments are the same color, click Color and select Multicolor .
  4. Place a "Cylinder" shape on the Workplane.
  5. Hold the shift key and shrink the to 4.00 (4 mm).
  6. Change the height of the "Cylinder" shape to 20.00 (20 mm).
  7. Change the "Cylinder" shape's color to brown.
  8. Select all the shapes.
  9. Align the "Cylinder" and tree to both middles.
  10. Click on Workplane to unselect all shapes.
  11. Select the tree and drag the arrow at the top of the tree to raise it off of the Workplane about 16.00.
  12. Place a "Cone" shape on the Workplane
  13. Hold the shift key and make the "Cone" shape wider than the tree.
  14. Change the height of the "Cone" shape to 8.00 (8 mm).
  15. Change the color of the "Cone" shape. I prefer Red.
  16. Select the "Cylinder" shape (Tree Trunk). Hold the shift key and select the "Cone" shape (Tree Skirt).
  17. Select Align. Click the Tree Trunk so the skirt will be aligned at that position. Align the Tree Skirt to both middles.

Step 5: Changing the Color and Position of the Ornaments

  1. Click of the tree to select it.
  2. Select Ungroup. This should allow you to change the color of the "Sphere" shapes (Ornaments). If not, select Ungroup again.
  3. Select one or more of the ornaments and change the color. Repeat this step until you are satisfied with ornaments color.
  4. Place the Workplane on the flat part of a tree branch.
  5. Select the ornament on the tree branch where you just put the Workplane.
  6. Use the arrow key to move the ornament up or down to place where you want it. Press "D" on the keyboard make sure the ornament is on the Workplane.
  7. Repeat Step 4, 5, an 6 until you have all the ornaments in the desire location.

Step 6: Creating an Angel for the Tree Top

  1. Select all of the shape. "CTRL+A" to select all.
  2. Move the tree out of the way.
  3. Watch the video.

Tip: Make the Angel any size. You can always reduce it's size when finished to fit on top of the tree.