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This simple Apple Airport Express (2nd generation) wall mount lifts your wifi router from the floor and offers a neat solution. You can download the STL file and print it top down with a 4 mm brim. The brim enlarges the surface area of the object on the bed and ensures better adhesion. The one you see in the pictures was printed on a Kossel Clear 3D printer by a friend (unfortunately.....haven't got a printer of my own :(

In the next 2 steps the design process is explained.

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Step 1: Taking Measurements

The design process started by imagening a model for the wall mount. I chose to clamp the underside of the airport express on the sides, giving a clean and simple look. Measurements were taken from the sides of the airport and the width for the cables on the underside. The corner radius was approximated. All measurements were taken with a vernier caliper.

Step 2: The CAD Model and Printing

All of the measurements were converted in a CAD model with SolidWorks (any other CAD modeling software should work). Test prints of a small part of the wall mount were made and measured. The difference in dimensions between the CAD model and test prints were adjusted in Solidworks. The final print was made with a layer thickness of 0.2 mm (with a nozzle of 0.5 mm), giving the wall mount a perfect finish. For a better adhesion to the printing bed, a 4 mm Brim was added in the printing software.

To ensure a snug fit of the Airport express, pieces of felt could be glued on the inside of the mount.

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