Introduction: Making a Desk Disc Sander

* This is a Laser Cutter CNC projet. I believe one could cut the pieces manually but having access to a CNC would be more appropriate for the delicate cuts.

Here is the list of materials:

- 3mm MDF

- 19v electric motor

- ON/OFF switch

- DC connector (male and female)

- 19v power adaptor

- Soldering Iron and wires

- Double Sided tape to fixate the sanding paper

- Wood screws

Step 1: Cutting the MDF

I always use 3mm MDF for my projects, just because it's easier to storage. So the cuts you'll see on the file are for that specific thickness. The pieces that needed more thickness were made twice, so that they can be glued together. The DXF files are on thingiverse for free on this link (

Step 2: The Electric Motor

The electric motor used in this project was removed from an old dead printer. They are a great source of materials for projects like this. But if you prefer, they are easily be found on DIY projects stores. Here's a link for that

Keep in mind that the project DXF files have a specific electric motor diameter. I would consider buying the motor first, measuring it and making adjustments to the dxf files (if needed) before sending it to the CNC.

Step 3: Priming the Pieces (Optional)

MDF can be a really tricky material and sometimes it tends to suck up moist. To prevent most of that effect, I primed the pieces. Just a regular spray primer will do the job just fine. If you have 3mm plexiglass/acrylic sheets you can cut some faces on it, so that problem is avoided (not sure about the living hinge that covers the whole thing)

Step 4: Assembling

Here's the fun part. You can follow my video if you need. The assembling is very simple, most screws roles are already there on the DXF.