Introduction: Desk Lamp of MDF

Desk lamp.

  • MDF wood sheet
  • 2 meter electrical cable recycling.
  • 1 plug or plug for cable.
  • 15 double washer screws and nuts.
  • Set LED. ROSH 3LED 5050.
  • 1 Eliminator 12v.
  • 1 wire Damper one step.
  • 1 silicone glue.
  • 5 Corner Brackets
  • 4 Lid thread of cola or soda.

Step 1:

Step 2: Lista De Pasos

1) Mark on MDF and cut sheet manually or jig.

1 Lamp Base: 22 x 26 cm. 6 arms 2.5 x 28 cm. 4 cuts for top brackets and support board LED 4 x 11 cm each. 1 cut of 11.5 x 22 cm for LED panel.

Drill with drill:

2) Base 22 x 26 cm With drill holes to 9: 1 in each corner to hold school 4 support, 1 to enter power cord.

3) On each arm 2.5 x 28 cm: 1 drilling at each end.

4) two mainstays of 4 x 11 cm: make 3 holes, one in the center and two at the ends. 4a) 2 brackets for panel LEDs 4 x 11 cm: make one and only one hole in the center of each bracket.

5) LED panel 11.5 x 22 cm: make 1 drilling. For the panel is centered, drilling should not go slightly offset, this will depend on the square corner to buy.

6) Cover soda threads: 1 drilling center as these caps will be the supports or legs of the lamp.

7) Place the damper wire passing through recycling at the end of end should leave 12 cm cable, this section will connect the adapter 12v, where the legs were before connecting wall.

8) open adapter, remove circuit.

9) drill to drill one end of the adapter, this hole will enter the recycling power cable.

Start assembly

11) Screw the screw caps, 1 for house corner, placing 2 washers, one on each side and nut.

12) Place four corner squares pressing the 2 main supports, screwing with washers and nuts

13) joining arms with screws, washers and corresponding nuts

14) LED panel to stick with silicone school leds,

15) assembling angle corner panel LEDs.

16) Assemble led bracket and attach with screw nut t to the upper arm.

16) Paste with silicone school 12v adapter somewhere and power line to accommodate the LEDs.

17) Cable pass energy recycling through the hole plug and install plug or wall connection.

18) School silicone glue and paste accommodate the damper passage.

19) In fully OFF led wire splice line by line 12v. and put insulation.