Desk Pad/Tray

Introduction: Desk Pad/Tray

This desk pad/tray or whatever you wanna call it, was made from a printer and a scanner. The idea came after tearing down the devices and finding the look of the printer chassi very interesting. So I joined the parts that looked unuseful into one cool one.

Step 1: Reusing Old Stuff

On this instructable, the main materials are an old printer and a scanner. From the printer the metal chassi that stays on the botton will be used and from the scanner I'll use it's glass. If you don't have a scanner to use, you can buy a glass pannel of about 13×9.5 inches, for a very low price.

Step 2: Teardown Time

To open the printer you will basically need to remove the case and a lot of screws. Take your time. You will end up with a lot of components like stepper motors and metal bars that can be used to build a CNC machine or maybe a 3d printer, who knows?

Step 3: Time to Drill

The main parts of the project is the metal one and the glass. You will need to clean it to give it a shine look. Also clean the glass pannel and make sure the edges aren't sharp beacause you can cut yourself. If you're using the glass from a scanner you probably good to go but if you bougth it, you'll have to sand it or ask the store to do it for you.

To secure the glass pannel I needed some holes on the edge. There were already two so I need another two. Be sure that the screws will have the exact size for the holes you'll make and you are ready to go.

Step 4: Assemble

The final step is simple, first you put both screws of one side then place the glass on top of the metal and after put the final screws. To protect the glass and keep it on place I used four silicone bumpers.

Step 5: Enjoy and Be Creative!

That's it! You can use the final product to make a charging base for your devices, put your keybord on, place some papers, put your coffe mug or snacks, use as a laptop tray... Be creative and share your idea!

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