Introduction: Desk With Ceder Inlay

About: I like building things with wood - both new and reclaimed wood. Profesionally I work as an exhibition builder/designer. In my spare time I build stuff with reclaimed wood.

I made a simple and easy to build little desk. I had some leftover pieces from previous builds and some reclaimed pieces lying around and I still needed a decent desk at one of our workspaces.

Step 1: Find Some Leftover Pieces of Wood

I had a piece of rubberwood leftover from a previous build which was to small to use in other builds. the rubberwood is about 33mm thick and it is 60cm wide. the legs of the desk are pieces of thick plywood beams which I salvaged from an old sportcenter that was torn down.

I first sanded all the pieces down going through p40-120-180-220-400 grit paper with an orbital sander.

Step 2: Connecting Legs to Base

I used my Festool domino to connect the legs to the table. making the cuts in the legs first and then cutting the holes for the domino's in the base. I used some D4 woodglue to fasten everything and clamped the whole thing down overnight.

Step 3: Cutting the Space for the Ceder.

to add some flair to the desktop I decided to insert some ceder inlays into the top.

There are many ways to do this (router/tracksaw/chisel/...) I used my Mafell MF26cc to make the cuts.

I used my tablesaw to cut the ceder strips to width and lenght.

Step 4: Glue the Ceder Strips Down

after making the cuts I glued in the ceder strips. Use a lot of wood glue to do this. after about 15 min I used ceder dust to cover the inlays. this to cover up any little mistakes there could be in the wood.

Step 5: Staining the Legs

I decided to stain the legs in black colorwash, making sure the graining of the wood is still visible

Step 6: Finished

I installed the desk in place and I think im the only one who knows that there are ceder inlays in the desk...the ceder strips blend in perfectly with the desktop and nobody seems to notice it at all...nice work I guess...

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