Introduction: Desktop Rocket V2

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In this instructables i will be creating a desktop rocket Above I have created a YouTube link for a more in depth follow along video! Enjoy!!!

Step 1: A Drill Will Help Move the Process Along GREATLY

Step 2: Clear the Glue Stick

In this step we will want to make sure the glue stick has been completely hollowed out, this will be the main chamber for the ignition to launch the rocket.

Step 3: Fitting the Launch Tube

The Cap of the pen fits perfectly into the botom openng of the glue stick which should then be glued into place after removing the top part of the pen cap to ensure the gas will be able to flow easily through both ends. this can be done with the drill! MAKE SURE TO BE CAREFUL USING THE DRILL DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION!!!! After this step you can then place the top of the pen in backwards then use a hot glue gun to glue the assembly together and ensure an air-tight fit

Step 4: Drill Holes

again using the drill we can create two opening in which the wires from the electric lighter can be inserted

Step 5: Inserting the Ignition

After the holes are drilled we can now take the Electric ignition from the lighter and insert them into the chamber, make sure that the wires are close but not touching so the spark arcs from wire to wire. this is what will be sued to ignite the hairspray!

Step 6: Adding the Legs

this step is not necessary but it nice to have a free standing Rocket launcher.

Step 7: Now Load on Your Rocket and Have Fun!!!

you can use anything from nerf darts to cotton swabs, or even spit balls to annoy your co-worker/ classmates!!! Enjoy! And please make sure to drop a Like on this for more content!!!

Step 8:

Step 9: