Introduction: Shock Pen!

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SHOCK YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!! This is how to build a shock pen with a few easy steps

Step 1: Materials

For this simple pen you will need a light to get the spark mechanism, a BIC profile pen and a need or thumb tac.

Step 2: Dissembling

For the fist step you will need to take apart the pen. You can get rid of everything in side of the pen all u will need is the top part and the shell, you then need to cut the threaded part of the part of the pen you click( as u will see in the picture).

Step 3: Putting the Needle In

For the next step all you have to do is heat up the needle so it is hot enough to penetrate the pen top so that the end of the needle sticks out, keep the needle in it. This is the part that the electricity flows through to shock the person

Step 4: Inserting the Parts

For this step you will need to take the rubber part off of the tip of the pen to expose the little hole on the side. All you need to do for this step is feed the wire through the barrel of the pen so that the wire come out of the hole, the put the rubber back on, that will act as the ground

Step 5: Final Wire

For the last step connect the wire to the needle on the top of the pen

Step 6: Assembling

For the last step all you need to do put the pen back together and glue the top back on or you can use tape it just wont look as nice Please vote for my entry!!!! And hit up that favorite button for more great ideas THANKS!!

Step 7: Please Vote for Me:)

Please help me to make it to the finals again like you did with my cannon!!! It means a lot to me and have any questions? Ask away in the comments thank you:)!!!

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