Introduction: Desktop Self-watering Planter (Biodegradable)

This is an extremely simple to assemble and modify self watering planter. You will need a 3D printer to complete this build, but there are also printing services available. When printed in PLA, this planter is bio-degradable, so it is recommended that you use an ABS or ASA filament.

Since this has already been designed in tinkercad, feel free to follow the link and edit the design yourself!

Step 1: Download Files

These files are available online at where you can find tons of other files. Once you have the listing page, you can download the files and prepare to print them

Step 2: Slice and Print

This step is one of the most fun and complicated steps. Here, you can mess around with materials, sizes, infill, and resolution. Once you have found the best setting (suggestions below), go ahead and print it!

Suggested Cura settings:

Infill: 50%

Walls: 3

Size: Original size serves well for a desktop planter.

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