Introduction: Dessert - Microwave Apple Recipe

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Crazy cooking idea. My little experiment to get a dessert.

Today I'll show you the cooking recipe how to cook an apples in the microwave.

Ingredients: apple, grapes, chocolate, walnut, cinnamon.

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Step 1: Watch the Video :)

Watch this video for more details.

Step 2: Cut the Apple for 4 Pieces

Step 3: Make As Cylinder

Step 4: Prepare a Place for Stuffing

Step 5: Grind Nuts and Stuff the Apples

Step 6: Make a Small Hole in the Grapes and Place on the Apples

Step 7: Mix Nuts and Grated Chocolate

Step 8: Sprinkle Cinnamon for Apples

Step 9: Put in the Microwave for a Few Minutes

You need to experiment with the time!

Step 10: Add the Grated Chocolate With Nuts on the Hot Apples

Step 11: Enjoy :)

It was my little experiment in the kitchen.

The minuses of which I have learned:

1. The combination of tastes of baked apples, chocolate, walnut, grapes and cinnamon is delicious, but if you want to quickly cook some dessert do not try to do it. I do not recommend you to make this dessert because it's is very a long while. It's took half of my day.

2. I thought that the toothpicks will help me, but they did not help me, hands get dirty.

3. This dessert not looks aesthetically pleasing and not so beautiful as I wanted.

Anyway I enjoyed when I did it :)

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