Introduction: Destiny Embed Code

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Found a neat trick to get your Destiny character into a webpage
(kinda like on the companion app)

Step 1: Go to the Site

go to Http://

Step 2: Type Gamertag/PSN ID

up in the top-left corner, select system, then type id

Step 3: Scroll Down

until you see your character

Step 4: Get the URL

Right-Click on your character, Click "This Frame", click "Open Frame in New Tab"

Step 5: Copy URL

copy the URL except the "?height=700"

Step 6: Paste the URL Into an Iframe

Open notepad or any text editor and type this

"<iframe src="-insert-destiny-url-here?height=500" width="350" height="550">

(no quotations)

//Replace -insert-destiny-url-here with destiny url, notice the ?height=500, keep that

Step 7: Paste the Html Code Into a Website

Paste the code into a blog or website (eg: tumblr)