Introduction: Detachable Waste Container for Chopping Board

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Tired of messing up your workspace with offcuts and crumbs while cutting vegetables, fruits or bread?
Tired of running miles to the garbage can - which is just on the opposite end of your kitchen - to clear up your chopping board?

Here´s the solution:

A magnetically attachable and detachable waste container.


- Chopping board (preferably a wooden one)
- Cheap baking pan (rectangular and magnetic)
- Neodymium magnets (cylindrical, I used 5 pieces with 10 mm diameter and 5 mm height, if you use smaller ones, you will need more)


- Drill
- Wood drillbit (matching the diameter of the magnets)
- Sharp knife (optional some more appropriate wood carving tool, a router would be the best choice to do this accurately, but guess what, I don´t own one, so I did it the old school way)
- Abrasive paper (optional, for the pedants)

What to do:

- Align the baking pan to the chopping board and mark the position.
- Carve out a groove at the edge of the cutting board matching the lip of the baking pan (I carved out 5 x 5 mm).
(Note that this will also work without carving out a groove, you can attach the lip of the baking pan directly to the magnets, but that won´t look and work as nice.)
- Drill holes for the magnets into the side of the chopping board
- Press the magnets into the holes (The magnets I used had a diameter of 10.0'something' millimeters, so they stick in place in a 10.00 millimeter hole by friction without adding glue.)
- Attach the baking pan aka waste container and give it a try.
- Cheer.

Thats´s it , have fun :)

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