Introduction: Detonator. (Stick Style Single Press Activation)

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Single press activation detonator,for setting off pyrotechnics in style.

Step 1: Tools and Construction.

You will need glue gun and some glue,a push button switch,some wire and optional crocodile clips for the ends,plus some paint for when its done.

Attach two,2 equal lengths of wire to the switch and glue them in place,test it to make sure the glue did not impede the wires connection,and now glue the switch into the barrel be very careful to not overcook your glue,should it be to hot,it will melt the inner workings of the switch and it will not work correctly or will but only at certain angles so,use pliers or crocodile clips to hold it about 1cm out of the top of the tube having previously threaded the 2wires out of the tube innards,and wait for it to dry solid in place will not take lon

Step 2: Testing.

Now Once the glue is dry test it with a small battery and a multimeter,voltage tester as pictured,i used a recycled mobile for battery 3.7volt for the test.

Works now paint it up and store it,lacking a box i made one from some corrugated card and hot glue,and you're finished.