Introduction: Deviled Eggs - Prosciutto Topped Gourmet Deviled Eggs

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Anyone who likes eggs usually loves Deviled Eggs. Now the term "Deviled" doesn't have anything to do with the Devil but in fact is a term used when describing food that is seasoned with horseradish, mustard, paprika or pepper to impart a strong flavor.

Humans have been making Deviled Eggs for many years dating back to the Roman Empire but deviled eggs only became popular in modern cooking around the 1940's and gaining in popularity to present day . For more info on the history of Deviled Eggs click this link Deviled Egg Wikipedia

Deviled eggs are a simple and easy item that anyone with a pot can make which makes these an essential for cooking basics. Learning how to properly cook the eggs and more importantly how to stop the cooking is essential to prevent the yolk from turning grey in colour.

There are many different ways to make these delicious snacks and I have chosen to add my own twist to a classic dish. I have gone for a gourmet approach adding some different seasonings and topping with a piece of Prosciutto to give a wonderful balance of salty sweetness.



1 - 7 Eggs ( As many as you want to make) I used 7 eggs but cooked 12 and kept 5 rest for snacking.

2 - 3 heaping TBS Mayo

3 - Dijon Mustard to taste - about 2 TSP

4 - 1/2 cup Sour Cream

5 - 1 TBS Dill Weed (plus some to garnish)

6 - 3/4 cup Green onion

7 - Prosciutto

8 - Salt

Cooking and Mixing Supplies

1 - Large pot

2 - Stove top

3 - Ice in the freezer ready to go

4 - large mixing bowl

5 - Pastry bag with star tip attachment

Step 1: Boiling Your Eggs

This step is the MOST IMPORTANT Step so pay close attention to the cooking times and how to STOP the cooking.

Despite being the most important its still very easy and the only reason it is so important is because if the eggs are not cooked properly they could be runny or over cooked and not have the texture we are looking for. Also if the eggs are cooled to slowly then the beautiful yellow yoke will have an ugly greyish tint. The grey is still edible and tastes the same but your eggs will lake some luster.

1 -In a large pot place your eggs so there is only a single row. If you are cooking lots of eggs you will need to do 2 batches.

2 -Add cold water to the pot so that the water covers the eggs by about 1-1/2" and add about 1 tea spoon of salt to the water. The salt when dissolved in the water will penetrate the egg shell and weakening the thin membrane in between the egg whits and the shell making peeling the eggs so much easy when we are ready to peel.

3 -Place on the stove top on high heat and cover with a lid.

Cooking Times

Allow the water to come to a powerful rolling boil and the eggs are bouncing in the water. Then turn off the heat and let eggs sit on the hot but off burner for 12-15 minute Maximum

Get a bowl and fill it with cold water then add some ice cubs

After the eggs have sit for 12 minutes place eggs immediately into the ICE WATER and allow them to cool. This will stop the cooking process and give you the perfectly cooked hard boil egg with a bright yellow yolk.

After about 10 minutes you can begin peeling your eggs.

Step 2: Peel & Mix

To begin peeling your eggs lightly tap the egg on some paper towel and crack the shell all over. Then with your thumb begin to peel the shell away from the egg. It may take a few to get into a grove but overall this is an easy process. Try not to break any of the eggs as this will make the finished deviled egg weak when held.

Slice all the peeled eggs down the middle and place on paper towel.

Now grab a large mixing bowl and using a spoon scoop the yolk out of each egg and place in mixing bowl.

Now combine all of these ingredients and mix with a fork;

1 - 3 heaping TBS Mayo

2 - Dijon Mustard to taste - about 2 TSP

3 - 1/2 cup Sour Cream

4 - 1.5 TBS Dill Weed (plus some to garnish)

5 - 3/4 cup Green onion ( Minced)

Mix everything very well making sure to remove any chunks

Step 3: Filling

After your egg mixture is well blended place the mixture into a pastry bag topped with a star point. In a circular motion fill each empty egg half with your egg yolk mixture. Try to keep all eggs evenly filled

This process can be done with just a fork as well if you dont have a pastry bag but wont look as professional.

****If you want to make your own pastry bag I found a simple video on you-tube this videos is not my own and I don't know the person in the video but shes explains the process in a straight forward and easy to understand way****

Pastry Bag

Step 4: Garnish

Once the eggs are filled they are ready for the final and most delicious stage, adding the prosciutto and a little more dill.

Slice the prosciutto into strips about 3/4" wide and roll them loosely in two directions to give them an over lapping look. place the folded/rolled piece of prosciutto onto the egg and slightly press down securing the meat to the egg.

repeat this process for the remainder of the eggs then garnish with a small amount of dill weed. You can also add some left over green onion if you want.

Place the completed Deviled Eggs in the fridge to firm them up for around 30 minutes. at this point the eggs are ready to be eaten so enjoy!

They will last over night and actually be better the next day once all the different flavours have combined together while sitting over night.

Step 5: Serve and Enjoy

These simple deviled egg appetizers are a staple for a summer time snack and are a great addition at any dinner party or get together.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable

~ Corasauraus Rex

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