Introduction: Devils Food Cake (Easter)

This cake is perfect for the holiday coming around, Easter!

The supplies you need is a mediam mixer bowl, two pans that are butterd and floured, a 1 cup measuring cup and a 1/3 measuring cup.

Step 1: Ingrediants

Devils Food Cake Ingrediants,

Devils food cake mix, water, eggs, vegtable oil, I also used Duncan Hines Milk Chocolate frosting.

Step 2: The Steps for the Cake

Step 1. Lightly flour and butter the two pans

Step 2. Mix the cake mix, 1 cup of water, 3 eggs, and 1/3 cup of vegetable oil

Step 3. Put the cakes in the oven for 24-29 minutes

Step 4. Wait around 15 minutes for the cake to cool.

Step 3: The Decorations

Step 1. Frost the cake. Frost the bottem layer, then the top layer finaly frost around the cake

Step 2. Add the sprinkles, I mixed white, pink, blue and green sprinkles.

Step 3. Add the decorations and final touches

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