Introduction: Dewalt Battery Pack Mod

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Hi, what's more annoying than run out of battery when you need it?

I received a new cordeless drill for Christmas and I love it. But one thing bothers me, I can't see how much battery I have left. The drill stop to work when the battery is empty. So I decided to add "Battery Voltage Display Indicator Board"

Here the link for the module :

Step 1: Opening

Battery model : DCB207

Screwdriver bit : T10

You only have 4 screws to unscrew to open the case.

The case open in 2 sections. Be careful with the spring.

Step 2: Drilling

I used a 3/32 bit to drill a hole and feed the wire inside the case.

Step 3: Gluing

I used hot glue to install the module to the battery pack.

After gluing, I trimmed the excess of glue.

Step 4: Soldering

The module is very easy to soldered. Only two wires are needed. They need to be soldered on each side of the battery pack. The easiest way to attach the module is to find the mains leads and soldered directly on it.
After the soldering, push the little button on the module to test the battery.

Step 5: Finishing

One last step... Close the battery pack and use it!