Introduction: Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank

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I have made a Dewalt Power Bank, and I have made a Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker. But I have not made a bluetooth speaker and power bank all-in-one, so I decided to make one. Actually I have a buddy who is a forklift driver, he had mentioned to me that he would like a way to listen to music without draining his phone. So I told him that I could build him something.

Step 1: Parts and Materials

These are the parts that I used to build the Dewalt Power bank and bluetooth speaker.


1. Bluetooth Board and Amplifier -- Here is a Link to it on Amazon

2. DC to DC Buck Converter -- Here is a Link to it on Amazon

3. Computer speakers -- I just found some old computer speakers and Dissected them for the speakers.

4. Dewalt Case -- Here is a Link to it on Amazon

5. On / Off Switch -- Here is a Link to it on Amazon

6. Momentary Switch -- Here is a Link to it on Amazon

7. Power Bank Board -- Here is a Link to it on Amazon

8. Batteries -- I borrowed the batteries from a broken Chromebook.

Step 2: Prepare the Case

The case that I chose has some internal dividers that will need to be removed in order to make room for the electronics. I used the dremel tool to remove all of the internal dividers. Then I used a Drill with a Hole saw to drill the two holes for the speaker, along with the holes for the on / off switch for the bluetooth board, and the button to turn on the power bank.

Step 3: Wire It Up

The Wiring on this project is really simple. The speakers were placed over the holes and hot glued into place. The the bluetooth board was hot glued into place between the two speakers. The speakers are plugged intot he bluetooth board. The Power for the bluetooth board needs to be between 8v -24v. Because the battery pack will only give us 3.7v we will need to use the dc-dc converter to step up the voltage to an acceptable level. I hooked the converter up to the battery pack, and the other side of the converter was hooked to my meter. I watched the voltage on the meter as I turned the little screw on the converter. The little screw is actually a potentiometer that will increase or reduce the voltage depending on the direction turned. I turned the screw until the meter showed about 12v. Now I can wire the batteries into the converter with the on /off switch in between. For the switch I ran the positive from the battery to one side of the switch, and then the other side went to the positive on the converter.

The batteries were also wired to the USB power bank board so that they can be charged. I also wired a momentary switch to the power bank board so I could turn it off and on without opening the case.

Step 4: All Done

I am happy with he way that this project turned out, My buddy was really happy at how it worked. I liked it so much that I will be building one for myself as well. Thank you for taking the time to read through this Instructable.

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