Introduction: Dice Arduino

I am referring to this Arduino's Web:

This is a Dice function. When you want to dice, you can push it and it will dice a number out(from 1 to 6).

I shortened this Arduino's time, originally it was 100, but I changed it to 30.

Video link:

Step 1:

This is my code for this Arduino:

Step 2: Parts of Dice



A 10k Resistor (brown black orange)

7x Led of any kind (I use Blue Led)

A little Push Button


7x 220 or 330 Resistor (red red brown or orange orange brown)

Some wires for the breadboard

Step 3: Steps


The arduino programmer (you can download it from the official site of Arduino)

Usb Cable A-B

Soldering Iron (If you want solder the project)

A ProtoBoard (f you want solder the project)

Solder Spool (If you want solder the project)

Third Hand (optional, but useful if you want solder the project)

Place the Components on the Breadboard

Connect the Components With Arduino

Program Code

Test It!