Introduction: Diced Onion Hack

Use a plastic lid to help dice an onion.

Step 1: Wanting to Easily Dice an Onion ?

Peel onion ..

Find plastic lid that the onion will fit into .. (This onion is already sliced as i started the photo shoot after i was midway through the dicing process )

Step 2: Place Onion in Plastic Lid.

Step 3: As You Slice Down Through the Onion the Lid Stops the Knife From Going All the Way Through.

Slice a checker board pattern into the onion. ( Cut into the onion starting at the right edge . Press the blade into the onion until the blade is impeded by the plastic lid .. Remove the blade from the onion and repeat the slicing process in parallel cuts across the rest of the onion to the left. Rotate the onion 90 degrees and repeat the cutting process perpendicular to the first cuts. ) ( I used a radial cut method in the photos. I describe the checker board cut pattern because I like it better.)

Step 4: Now to the Dicing .

Turn the onion onto its side..

Step 5: Product

Slice across the onion and the previous cuts creating nicely diced onions.