Introduction: Digital Thermometer DHT11 Using ESP8266

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In the previous article I already discussed DH11 and how to display it on output devices such as 7 Segment, LCD, Serial monitor, and RGB ring.

And in this article I will show you how to monitor temperature and humidity using a browser on a cellphone or laptop.

Step 1: Required Components

Required Component:

  • NodeMCU lolin V3
  • DHT11
  • Wire Jumper
  • USB micro
  • project board

Step 2: Assemble All the Components

See the picture above to do the assembly.

NodeMCU to DHT11

3V ==> +

G ==> -

D5 ==> out

Step 3: Programming

the sketch that I used can be downloaded below:

Step 4: Result

the sketch that I used can be downloaded below:

  • Open the serial monitor and see the IP address that appears
  • Open the browser on the Android phone and visit the IP address earlier
  • there will be displayed the value of temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit and also the value of humidity