Introduction: Digital Voltmeter

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This is a Easy to use and Cheap DIY Voltmeter. Total cost of making this project is less than INR 200 or 2.5$ only.

Step 1: Components List

The components needed for this project are listed below -

DIODE 4148x3

78L05 X1

ICL7107 X1

7SEG ANOT 0.56 X4

ICL7660 X1

CAP 100uF/16V X1

CAP 10uF/50V X2

CAP 104 X1

CAP 100P X1

CAP 224 X1

CAP 473 X1

CAP 103 X1

R 330 X1

R 100K X1

R 47K X1

R 1M X1

R 15K X1

R 10K X1

VR 10K X1

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

This is the Circuit Diagram for the project.

Step 3: PCB Design

Here is the PCB Design for this project.

Step 4: Making Process

The PCB designing is done by and ordering is done from which is also the sponsors of this project. They provide best custom made pcbs for the least price in the market. Evenm they cut their prices so hurry up!

After getting the pcbs i Soldered all components in place and tested it with a battery. i compared both a bought one and the diy one. both are approximately same.

Step 5: Its DONE