Introduction: Dimpling Seafood W/Cheese

Hello. Dim sum is very popular food in many countries, nowadays you can eat dim sum anywhere, maybe in the shopping mall. It’s taste good the cheese make it even more tasty, easy to eat, and don’t take too much time to make. This time I will try to make some seafood dimpling for breakfast and some hot tea. Let’s begin.

Ingredients that you need to do Dimpling Seafood w/Cheese.

1. Green wonton (Small square sheet), egg, and cheese.

2. Red Pepper, Onion, Green onions, and carrot.

3. Prawns, Scallops, Salmon and Bacon.

4. Soy sauce, Sugar, pepper powder, and other spices.

5. Aluminum baking cups.

Step 1: Prepare Vegetables

First you need to wash vegetables; red pepper, onion, green onions, and carrot. Next start to chop onion into small pieces (You need to stir fry until it soften), green onion need to chop up and cut the top green part and cut into a long strips (You need to boil for a little bit, for later use as decoration), carrot chop into small pieces, and red pepper chop into a small pieces as well (Make sure that you take out the seeds, use the spoon to get seeds out).

Step 2: Prepare the Seafoods

Now prepare and clean the seafood; Prawns, scallops, and salmon. For the prawns, scallops, salmon, and bacon you need to chop up (For easy to mix) the bacon will make the seafood softer when cooked, due to the fat in the bacon. Now you need to add all vegetables; red pepper, green onions, carrot, cooked onion, egg, seasoning, and sugar. Mix up well and put in refrigerator for 15 minutes (Too make the seafood more stiffs). For the cheese you need to make into a cube or ball (To put inside the seafood).

Step 3: Cooking by Steam

You need to use small aluminum baking cups, first lay the small green wonton sheet inside and fill up the seafood that already mix up, then add the cheese ball in the middle and add more seafood. Then you pick up all 4 corners of wonton, to make it stick up, so the seafood will not spill out. Then put dimpling on the plate, and ready to cook by steam for 10- 15 minutes. Now get the plate ready, put cooked dimpling and use the long strips of green onion to make in to the 2 circles (That for ketchup and Sriracha hot sauce) and also the hot tea to go with it.

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