Introduction: Dinner Table Restoration

In this post I show the complete restoration of the dining table. It's best to look at the clip to see all the details.

Mostly, the old paint and the paint were taken to the wood, after which everything was again painted.

Step 1:

I used the following materials:

1.Sand paper P120, P150 and P220

2.Sand disk for machine P180

3.Transparent paint for wood (Mahagonay)

4.Acrylic lacquer 30% Shine

5.Silicon like glue


6.Screws 4x30 and 4x50

From the tool:


2.Drill Driwers


4.Gun painter

Step 2: Disassembling and Preparing for the Sanding

To make it easier, I worked like that. :)

Step 3: Preparation for Painting

Picture 1: Procedure with machine and sanding paper P180

Picture 2: Manual procedure sanding with sanding paper P120 and P220

Picture 3: How to look (Very good ) :)

Step 4: Painting and Varnishing

Picture 1: Painting

Picture 2: After Varnishing

Step 5: and After 6 Hours Assembly of the Parts in the Original Appearance

Picture 1: Application of glue

Picture 2: Wrapping screws

Step 6: Final Look :)


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