Introduction: Dinosaur Night Lamp

This is a dinosaur light lamp that can light in the night. Its design is based on the Jurrasic world, and it's just a simple lightbox/night lamp that requires one led and a few steps.

Inspired by:


Arduino Leonardo board *1

LED light bulbs *1

Wires Breadboard *1

Button *1

Paper box *1

Paper *1


Abrasive paper *1

Tape *1

Step 1:

Use the picture to connect the LED with the button

Step 2: The Led Will Shine When You Press the Button

Step 3: Step2

Cut the board into any shapes (For my example, I’m cutting into the shape of dinosaurs)

Connect them together using Vaseline and abrasive paper(to make it become 3D, if you don’t want to make it too complex, just cut the shape whatever you want and leave it there)

Step 4: Step3

If you connect them successfully, it should be like this.

Step 5: Step4

Put the board on the back of the box, and stick it with tape.

Step 6: Step5

dig a hold on the floor of the box, and then took the led out of the hole, to get inside the box

Dig a hole on the box, and use the same steps like led, but instead, place the button on the top of the box

Step 7: Step6

Cut a board to cover the breadboard and wires

Fold the paper into the size that can fit the paper box
Sticks the background on the paper

Step 8: Step7

Place the dinosaurs in the box you prepared, you can draw the background in the box, to make it more realistic like the Jurassic world.

Step 9: Step8

Well Done! You just make a Dinosaur night lamp


Step 10: Code

void setup()


pinMode( 11 , INPUT); /////Button

pinMode( 12 , OUTPUT); /////LED light bulbs


void loop()


if (digitalRead( 11 )) /////if you turn on your button

{ digitalWrite( 12 , HIGH ); /////LED light bulb will shine delay(2000); 改 }

else /////if the button isn't switched on

{ digitalWrite( 12 , LOW ); /////LED light bulb will not shine delay(2000); 改 }