Introduction: Dog Dog Trainer

According to AKC, ( the meal portion size for the feeds are essential to dogs, and the size of the box also limited the number of feeds the dog could eat a day, “Veterinarians recommend feeding a dog at least twice per day," by setting how much food and control the time they eat a day, it benefits the dog, and this machine is exactly what you should give your dog! You could control the time for the machine whenever you want!


wires x 8

tape x 1

paper box x 1

cardboard x 1

Arduino Leonardo x 1

Bread Board x 1

feeds x depends on you

servomotor x 1

Step 1: Get Cardboard With a Box

First, cut a piece of cardboard and stick them on the box. If the cover is not long enough, cut an extra piece of cardboard, and stick it on the edge of the box (like the picture shows).

Step 2:

Connect the servo motor as the picture shows, connect the wire to d pin 10, and connect the red wire to positive, and the wire in the positive connect to 5V, and the black wire connects to the GND.

(you can change the shape for the white thing on the servo motor, depends on what results you want )

Step 3:

Plug the servomotor into the cardboard, and fixed it with paper tape (make sure as the servo motor spins, it touches the cover, so the cover is able to lift up the cover, so the box can open successfully).

Cut a piece of cardboard and place it under the box that fits the servomotor, and stick it on the box.

Three of the videos are how I build up the cardboard beside the paper box, in order to make the servomotor able to spin and make the machine more strengthen.

Step 4: Code


Servo servo_pin_10; // create servo object to control a servo

void setup(){ // put your setup code here, to run once: servo_pin_10.attach(10); // attaches the servo on pin to the servo object }

void loop(){ // put your main code here, to run repeatedly: servo_pin_10.write( 180 ); // the servo motor will go up to 180 degree (in which the cover will be lifted up) delay( 300000 ); // waits 300000 milliseconds *change the time depends to you servo_pin_10.write( 0 ); // the servo motor will go back to zer degree (in which the box will be nearly closed) delay( 1800000 ); // waits 1800000 milliseconds *change the time depends to you }

The Code is here

Step 5: Succeed