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Introduction: Disco Desktop Organiser

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  • wood glue
  • wooden hammer
  • soldering tools

Step 1: Lasercut File

Download the file for lasercutting (.ai .eps)

Lasercut all the parts.

Engravings: 1. A position of the name on the front (just outline) so that you can place the separate letters correctly. 2. The text around the toggle switch "switch to party". If you prefer using the same font as in the file, it's a free downloadable font: Andora at https://www.dafont.com/andora.font

Step 2: Assembly of 'post-it' Holder

Gather all parts as seen in picture1.

Tools: wood glue, glue clamp, wooden hammer.

Follow steps in order of pictures.

Step 3: Assembly of 'pencil' Holder

follow examples in picture 1 to 5.

these assembly steps are done with the object turned upside down.

extra instruction for picture 5: after adding wood glue > flip the object 180 degrees so that the object is not upside down anymore.

Step 4: Assembly of Pencil Holder to Baseplate

assemble the pencil holder on the baseplate.

(baseplate is best seen in picture 2 > underneath the pencil holder)

Step 5: Assembly of Post-it Holder to Baseplate

follow examples in picture 1 to 6.

Step 6: Building Front Plate With Leds and Wiring

  1. First: solder de 100 ohm resistors to the positive leg of the flash leds.
  2. Put all leds in the front plate.
  3. Use the little 'handles' to fix the leds in position > use wood glue
  4. Solder all negative legs (parallel circuit)
  5. Solder all positive legs (parallel circuit)
  6. Solder positive wires to the toggle switch (use 2 connectors next to each other)
  7. Solder batterypack to positive wire of the switch
  8. Solder batterypack to negative wire of the switch
  9. FINAL CHECK: insert 2 x AA batteries to check your circuit.

Step 7: Final Assembly

Tools needed: wooden hamer & wood glue.

  1. Connect toggle switch to the casing
  2. Use the hammer gently to connect front plate to base plate (in photo the order is different but nonetheless very helpfull)
  3. Now connect the casing all around the front plate and baseplate.
  4. Finally connect the back plate

While using the wooden hammer > watch out for the leds! > don't crush them... ;)

Step 8: Finishing Touch: Personalize!

Colour the preferred name with 'ecoline'.

...or keep it blank... whatever you prefer!

Glue it to the box ... and VOILA!

You're done!

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