Introduction: Disco Lights Party Table

Make this Night party disco light table for your upcoming night party!

Step 1: Main Backbone Trashes Used

1.Take two lids or caps of any oil paint bucket or any other similar trash can be used. Just make sure that it is flat from one side.

2. Now take four PVC Pipes in which three pipes should of Equal size & length

And another one is used for cutting small pieces.

Step 2: Sticking Caps

Now stick these caps keeping in mind that the flat faces are on external sides.

NOTE - The glue should be temporary. We may need to separate them again.

Step 3: Cutting Pipes

1. Now take another fourth PVC pipe & mark the thickness, little more than the thickness of these two caps as shown in image.

Step 4: Cutting Pipes

Cut three equal pieces of the same sizes out of that PVC pipe using.

Step 5: Polish These Pieces

Now use the polish paper to make the cut edges of these three pipes smooth.

Step 6: Drilling Holes in Pipes.

Now drill holes in pipes at equal distances as shown in image.

Note - You can skip this step if you don't want the light to come through legs.

Step 7: Drilling Holes in Top (made of Caps)

Now drill holes in caps as shown n image.

You can use your own designs while drilling holes in these caps.

Step 8: Cutting More Pipes

Cut three more pieces of the pipes if equal length.

We will fit these pipes between each of the three legs of our tripod stand.

Step 9: Rounding Edges of These Pipes.

Now using the polish paper round the ends of each of the three pipes as shown in image.

You can use the same idea to do this as I'm doing.

Step 10:

Image 1 -

Insert a small cylindrical piece of rubber or wood in each end of three pipes.

Image 2 -

Again shape them with same idea so that they become round.

Image 3 -

Drill holes in them so that the screws can be fitted easily.

Step 11: Cutting the Top on One Side

Now cut our top made of caps as shown in image.

make three round holes so that they make 120 degrees with each other.

We are going to fit three legs in these holes so remember the size of pipes while drilling these holes.

Step 12: Painting the Parts

Now paint all the parts in your favorite colour.

I'm using black colour as it looks awesome.

Step 13: Sticking the LEDs

Image 1 -

Stick the strips of LED's as shown.

CAUTION - Note that I'm using adaptor (led driver) to connect led's to supply. Don't connect the LEDs

directly to the supply.

Image2 -

Make sure that while sticking the led strips, you are leaving three long strips like me. We'll insert these strips into three legs.

After doing all above steps finally stick the two caps & our top is ready!

Step 14: Attaching Legs

Now attach the legs as shown in image after coloring.

Step 15: Inserting LEDs in Legs.

Now insert the three strips of LEDs into the legs as shown in image.

Step 16: Fitting Legs

Now fit the legs like me as shown in image.

Step 17: Covering Open Side.

Now take a black sheet & mark circle on it like me.

Step 18: Cutting This Black Sheet

Now cut this black sheet as shown in image.

Step 19: Sticking This Circular Black Sheet

Image 1 -

Spread glue all over this face.

Image 2 -

Now stick that sheet & cover whole surface.