Introduction: Carve Out Your Pumpkin!

Make sure to remove all of the insides as well!

Step 1: Design!

A spiky design gives the illusion of a ripped off head!

Step 2: Cauliflower

Take any Cauliflower and remove the leaves with a chefs knife!

Step 3: Design!

After carving, make a design for your human head!

Step 4: Carve

Carve the cauliflower into a bowl and remove the insides using a paring knife.

Step 5: Cauliflower

Make sure that the bowl is deep enough for Guacamole dip.

Step 6: Guacamole

Gather, 1 Avocado, 1/2 an onion, some salt and pepper, garlic powder in a stainless steel bowl.

Step 7: Spice!

Add as many chili flakes as you'd like for spice!

Step 8: Combine

Combine all of your ingredients together until well mixed, using a bowl and fork!

Step 9: Noodles

In a sauce pan or stock pot, cook some noodles with a solid spoon, dye the water with red food colouring to make your noodles blood red!

Step 10: Strain

Using a colander strain your noodles to get rid of all of the water!

Step 11: Place Your Noodles

Place your noodles inside the pumpkin using tongs to create a bed of gooey brain for the cauliflower!

Step 12: Dip

Place your Cauliflower on top of the noodles, once on top add food colouring to the pumpkin and the cauliflower.

Step 13: Finishing Touches

Add your favourite chips to your guacamole dip

Step 14: Face!

Add a face to your pumpkin, either by carving it or by creating one!

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