Introduction: Dish Towel Instructions

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Dish Towels Instructions

I make batches of fun dish towels from fabric scraps.   I used old clothes to clean up around my house for years.  I would leave old t-shirts under the counter to clean up spills but I still used sponges to clean the dishes.   The dish towels are easy to make and are great replacement for sponges. 

Heavy fabric, Denim khaki etc
Terry cloth
Print pattern
Sharp fabric scissors

Sewing machine Fun Shapes & Funky Fabrics

I made these big odd shapes that are a little larger than my hand.    The towels are soft and durable; they fit into glasses and around pots and pans.  I use denim, khaki, thicker tough material backed with terry cloth.  I used a pair of jeans and a ripped kitchen towel; use your imagination.  The terry helps clean up spills and has enough teeth to clean big messes.  You can use an old towel or purchase a yard of terry cloth cheaply.
Cut out your shape from the heavy fabric and use the heavy fabric as a pattern to cut out the terry cloth.  Print out my pattern or make your own. 

Pin the fabrics together wrong sides facing.  Use a zigzag stitch to attach the fabrics. Don’t forget to run a double stitch at the beginning and end to close the stitch.  Place under the counter for easy use.   Wash with regular laundry and bleach if necessary.   I like having plenty on hand so I can change out dirty ones quickly.  I may never by a sponge again.

Della Badart