Disney Infinity Storage Box

Introduction: Disney Infinity Storage Box

You will need:
A shoebox
Construction paper
Disney Infinity Box

Step 1:

First get red and black construction paper. Tape or glue the paper to the shoebox. It will soon lokk like this

Step 2:

Put red construction paper inside the box. O painted the bottom red.

Step 3:

Put black construction inside the lid

Step 4:

Make a paper envelope to hold power discs and tape or glue to inside of lid.

Step 5:

Glue the clothespin to the inside of the lid to hold Disney Infinity cards and write the cards on it

Step 6:

Cut any part of the Disney Infinity box off if you want to decorate the outside of the box

Like this(:

Step 7: Finished

Store your game pieces and other Disney Infinity items in the box

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