Introduction: Disney / Starbucks Pregnancy Announcement

We had some exciting news to spread and wanted to do it with style. We looked at a bunch of announcement pictures. My wife is a big Starbucks fan and we have passes to Disneyland.

There were some announcements that had ears and some that had cups, but no hybrids. So we had our goal!

Step 1: Get Your Cups

Depending on how big your family is this can be a chore.

For our family we used two Ventis for mom and dad.

Two Grandes for a seven year old and a five year old.

One Tall for our three year old.

And a Doppio for the new baby.

Ironically they changed the logo to promote their rewards program the day before we got our last Grande so I had to Photoshop the logo in the final picture.

Step 2: Modifiy Your Lids

Find the centerpoint on your lid and CAREFULLY slice through the lid. Make sure you leave the lip that attaches it to the cup.

If you cut too far or drop the cup it will break.

Step 3: Make Your Ears

You can probably be more exact than I was. I used the bottom of the lid to give me the arc of the head and then the bottom of the cup to give me the ears. I just tried to get them as symmetrical a possible. Mocking it up in Photoshop would have made them exact and making the head match up with the top lip of the lid would have been better too.

Step 4: Go to Disneyland

The day I took the picture was windier that I was expecting. I did not have a method to weigh down the cups, so I unloaded my change, keys and anything else that was in my pockets. In the end it wasn't enough. I got a good shot but could have used more time to rearrange the cups a bit.

Also at various points the cups, lids and ears got blown over the wall that I shot on (it is the short wall to the left of the castle in this picture). Most of the time it was not a problem, however to get the ears I had to lean just a little bit farther. I went ass over tea kettle over the wall. The only thing hurt was my pride but a bit of forethought might have saved me.

I did get a few passable images that we could use.

Step 5: Photoshop Saves the Day

Once we had chosen the image I went through and did a little color correction (adjusting the luminance).

I took out a batch of telephone lines.

Then I had to clone the Venti logo.

Once we decided on a quote I used the font "Waltograph" to put it on my image.

Then I saved it for the web.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your own announcement!

Oh and congratulation!