Introduction: Disney's BEAST Costume

It's that time of year again, and with two children it gets more and more difficult to do a theme family costume. My daughters four and changed her mind so much we finally just took her to the store and made HER pick so we all could decide the theme and start ours. She picked belle from beauty and the beast so my wife figured she would be Belle too,and my son and I would be beast and the prince.

Step 1:

Step 2: Starting the Framework

I started with a quick sketch on a sheet of plywood for scale and started welding a framework together from some fence wire found at homedepot.

Step 3: The Head and Lots of Cardboard/tape

Next I sculpted the face out of pink foam and attached it to the framework. Next was cardboard and tape to fill in the openings. And finally spray foam to sculpt the hair.

Step 4: Painting the Head

After I was happy with the hair I started painting the face. I was really going for the cartoon look due to my sons age. Hopefully it turns out that way.

Step 5: Starting the Vest and Coat

I figured I'd just paint the shirt and vest to save time and give contrast to the body fabric wise. I used Eva foam for the vest and started putting the blue costume silk on to make the coat

Step 6: More Coat Pics

With the coat finished, my wife sewed up some sleeves for me and my pants...sorry no pics. My feet are made from couch cushion foam and fur hot glued to a pair of old sneakers. And my tail is foam sculpted over a frame that is just hinged to the back so it sways side to side.

Step 7: All Done!!!

Small odds and ends later this is the end result. More pics to come with the family after Halloween. Hope you enjoyed this instructable and any questions or comments please feel free to ask. Thanks

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