Introduction: Disposable Paper Towel Face Mask

Hi. Since this coronavirus thing is taking over our life, I decided to create a face mask out of paper towels that literally takes 5 minutes to make.


Two sheets of two paper towels

Hot glue



Step 1: Folding the Mask (Part 1)

First what you want to do is right below halfway, fold the paper so it is like a flap. Then staple it shut. If you are confused on what this looks like then look at the top picture. Next you want to do this 2 more times but make the flap much closer together.

Step 2: Making the Mask (Part 2)

Fold the top of the mask inwards once and staple it shut. Then fold the left and right edges of the mask inwards twice and staple it. From here push out the paper so it is curved and trim it to your fitting.

Step 3: Adding the String

For this part hold the mask up to your mouth and try to find the distance between the corners of the mask to your ear. Then simply hot glue the string onto the mask.

Step 4: Finishing the Mask

Before you move on, try on the mask and see if it fits. If the string is too short or too long, carefully take off the hot glue and string and attach another string. Once it fits, staple the strings down on the very edge of the mask and you are done. Thank you for reading and stay safe.

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