Introduction: Dissect a Fish!!!!

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What's up!

Let me share my information in my science class



Step 1: Get a Fresh Fish That Is Dead and Its Organs Are Not Removed Yet

Today, I dissected a fish in science class.

you need 4 things to do this

1. 1 or 2 fresh dead fish(es)

2. Operation gloves

3. Dissection equipment (such as dissection scissor. dissection knife etc.)

(not necessary but we want the fish fresh, so something that has a cool surface would help [really cold].)

You might wanna cover your nose too. Cause' it stinks

I suggest big fishes. Its easier to work with

Step 2: Get Dissecting!

Cut the fish with a scissors or a knife (scissors recommended) from the anus ( the hole on the bottom ) to the mouth.

Be really careful. The fish's organs (especially the swim bladder) are really fragile , especially the swim bladder.

Step 3: Observe...

Open up the fish,

Takes notes, ask your teacher if you do not know the functions of the organ.

Don't forget to clean up after you have done everything! I dunno how to clean up XD