Introduction: Dissolving Knots: the Magician Way

It always fascinates me to watch a magic show and inspires me to try to learn magic. I acquired a magic set called Rope Tricks Untangled and studied almost all the rope tricks in the set. I wrote 'almost' because I got to a trick called Dissolving Knots that I couldn't figure out how to do because the steps were unclear. I was experimenting with randomly tying and untying ropes when I discovered this method of making knots disappear. The only similarity between my trick and the book's tricks is, aside from being easier to understand (I hope!), that a knot disappears and the knot is a imitation knot.

Step 1: Make 'em Believe

Find a thin string. Any rope works for the trick, but a thin one works best. Take the string and make it a spiral shape. Have a member of the audience examine the rope or hold it up to prove it is an ordinary rope.

Step 2: Starts Ordinary

Wrap the string around the index and ring finger. It should look like the first picture shown. Then pull the remaining string through in such a way that it makes a loop, like the last two pictures show.

Step 3: Prove Your Magic Powers

There are two endings, though I prefer the first one.

Ending 1:

Pull on both sides of the strings until the loop is barley visible, but be careful not to pull it too much, or the knot will collapse! Hold it so that it is vertical and quickly slide your hand down; the knot will magically dissolve!

Ending 2:

Hold the knot in your hand. Invite a member of your audience to come up and hold the ends of the rope. Pull back on the rope which will cause the knot to come undone. Open your hands and show the audience that the knot has dissolved.

Note: Ending 2 works best for thicker ropes while Ending 1 is for thin ropes.