Introduction: Distance Measuring Watch

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In this project, I have compressed and mounted the Arduino distance measuring system on to a watch. The project is cool, simple as well as useful. The distance measuring system is based on simple physics of distance, velocity, and time.


You need the following supplies:-

  1. Arduino Nano (or Pro Mini)
  2. I2c OLED 128 X 64
  3. Ultrasonic Sensor ( HC-SR04)
  4. A 9V battery and Clip
  5. An old Wrist Watch
  6. Mini Breadboard (170 pts)
  7. Jumpers
  8. Double-sided Tape

Step 1: Assembling and Schematics

Assemble the components as follows

OLED - Arduino


VCC - 5V

SDA - A4

SCL - A5

HC-SR04 - Arduino


VCC - 5V

TRIG - D12

ECHO - D11

9V BATTERY - Arduino

+ve - VIN

-ve - GND

Step 2: Uploading the Code

Upload the project code onto your Arduino board. Check your correct port and board type. Download the required Adafruit SSD1306 and Adafruit GFX libraries.

Step 3: Testing the Circuit

Connect the battery to the circuit and test if it works properly.

Step 4: (Final Step) Mounting on Watch

Stick the breadboard to the battery using double-sided tape. Now stick the other part of the battery to the watch using another double-sided tape.

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