Introduction: Rubber Band Bracelet / Friendship Band

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Making this bracelet / friendship band is super simple. You need only two items. These bands look pretty. You can make one within 2-3 mins.


You need only two supplies. They are:-

  1. Rubber Bands (diam. = 1cm) X 20-25 (Depending upon wrist size)
  2. Hook X 1 (see the image)

Step 1: Starting the Bracelet

Stretch a rubber band between your Index and Middle finger. Make a cross with it, as shown in the image.

Step 2: Continue Your Band As Per Your Size

After you have made the cross, stretch another band between your fingers (do not make a cross with it) and keep it above the previous one. Now take the loop on one of the first rubber band from one of your fingers and place it on the second rubber band. Do the same with the loop in your other finger. Repeat this process with rest of the bands until it is sufficient for your wrist size. Refer to the video.

Step 3: Adding the Hook

Attach the hook to the two ends of the bracelet. Refer to the video / image for help. After completion wear it on your wrist. They may look small but are stretchable and easily fit your wrist.

Thank You.

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